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Fred Steen

Fred was born in Dawson Creek and raised in Chetwynd B.C.   Starting as a Johnny Cash fan, at eight or nine turned into an Elvis enthusiast.  Loving hockey and old country tunes, performing at many different charities, weddings and other events, keeps him happy.  Working now as a mechanic and still loving to perform, Fred is excited to promote the Blue Suede Music Festival, meet ETA's and new friends.  Known as the 'King of the North', Fred will always love to keep 'The King's' memory alive!
We are very pleased to have Fred back for the third consecutive year at the Blue Suede Music Festival. He is a great supporter of the Festival!

Vic de Sousa

Vic de Sousa- Dress him up in black and white prison attire and throw him into the slammer, for this man is definitely guilty of dancing to the Jailhouse Rock, singing to a blue moon, swiveling his hips, and rounding up a group of admirers. How did he get to the point of paying tribute to one of the greatest artists of all time? Let's just say that a young Vic de Sousa was mesmerized upon hearing that first musical note by the king. We could thank Vic's Mom for introducing him to her Elvis collection. Vic quickly became intrigued with learning how to sing, act and live like the one and only Elvis Presley at a young age. He slicked back his hair, and quickly persuaded his parents to purchase a guitar for him so that he could sing and perform like Elvis and get all the girls..... And....let's not forget to say the famous words "Thank you, Thank you very much." Although Vic enjoys singing all Elvis songs his main preference eras are that of the young Rockabilly Elvis and the 68 comeback. Vic was born to entertain and feels very privileged to help keep the memory of the King of Rock and Roll alive in front of audiences everywhere. Whether he is performing Elvis' music or his own; the man who started rock and roll lives on at each and every one of Vic's performances, in his heart and that of the audiences'. Vic is returning again to entertain at this Festival.
Roger Anderson

I was born in Puyallup, Washington and grew up in near by Bonney Lake. I've been an Elvis fan since about the age of 5, when I found one of my dad's Elvis records and had him put it on for me. After listening to the record for a few minutes, I was hooked and the rest as they say is history. I never relly took the whole impersonating Elvis too serious until people starting telling me that I sounded alot like hime and looked like him when I'd dress up as him for Halloween. I've been performing my tribute to Elvis for about 5 years now and hope to do it as a full time career some day soon!  We are very pleased to welcome Roger back to the Blue Suede Music Festival again!!
Mike Schell

Mike lives in Westbank, BC in the beautiful Okanagan.  Mike is a touring trumpet player with his Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) sanctioned horn section, the "Uptown Hornz" and are in demand with all the best Elvis Tribute Artists in the business. Mike is also the music director of the Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival held every June in Penticton, BC.

Mike works for Schell Shock Entertainment and together with Trudy and TCB Rock and Roll Legends Mike promotes some of the top tribute acts in Canada.

Mike is very  happy to be back for his 6th year as MC of the BSMF.
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Bret Wiggins

Bret was born in Port Angeles, Washington where he met his lovely wife Judy.  They now reside in Seattle and have 3 boys, all of whom are big Elvis fans as well!  It has been said that a talent really isn’t talent unless it is shared with others.  Elvis shared that talent with the world and the fans were spellbound.  As an ETA it is our joy and privilege to pass along the torch that Elvis ignited and share his music with Elvis fans from all corners of the planet.  Bret saw Elvis on stage for the first time as a young boy watching the Aloha from Hawaii Concert in1973.  He hasn’t been the same since.

“I am humbled and honored to be able to perform my tribute to Elvis in a way that is respectful and entertaining.  I can’t wait to sing to the crowd at the Blue Suede Festival and meet many new Elvis fans! “

Sylvio Fontaine

I have been performing as an ETA for about 20 yrs now and have loved every second that I am on stage singing the great hits that Elvis gave us. It has been 7 yrs since I performed in AB and cannot wait to get back to the province where I first started being an ETA.  I am quite new at the Festivals and hope I can portray the King to the best of my abilities and broaden my fan base.  If it wasn't for the fans that Elvis has I wouldn't be on stage singing his songs.  So I thank each and everyone of you.  It is an honor and privilege to portray the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen and will ever see.
Bob Gaetz- Elderly Elvis

Bob was born in Edmonton, Alberta and learned to play guitar in his mid teens. He lived briefly in Kelowna and had his first band there in 1965 and 1966. Bob has been an Elvis fan since he was 11 years old when he first saw him on the Ed Sullivan Show.

He moved back to Edmonton in 1967 and has had many bands in the Edmonton area ever since the late 60's.
Bob started doing an Elderly Elvis show the last couple of years on a suggestion from his fiancé because she thought Bob had an Elvis profile and sounded a lot like him. He has been entertaining crowds in the Edmonton area since then. He is excited to be part of the Blue Suede Music Festival.

Paul Ellis

Paul was born in Burnaby, BC but he considers his hometown to be Abbotsford, BC.  He has been performing as a Elvis Tribute Artist since 2005 when he started competing as a non pro in the Penticton Elvis Festival. In 2010 he was ecstatic when he won the Non-Pro category there.
Paul still competes in Penticton and performs at numerous other festivals and events in Canada and the States. He loves singing and firmly believes each of us have our own talents we have been blessed with. Everyone should use the gift they were given and be thankful to God for it!                                                           He is also thankful to all his family, friends and fans for all their support through the years!                     
Paul is sorry he had to miss 2016 but is very happy to be back at Blue Suede! This will be his 5th time here.

Jaedyn Pilon

Jaedyn was born in Edmonton, AB.  His interests have always included music and he plays guitar, drums, piano and bass.  He currently attends Victoria School of the Performing Arts where he is learning to play the
French horn.  His idols include the Beatles, BuddyHolly, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and of course, Elvis.  His interest in Elvis began in June 2015 and he quickly caught the bug after performing at the Blue Suede Music Festival in August 2015.  He competed in the Penticton Elvis Festival and Collingwood Elvis Festival this year.  The friendship, support and camaraderie he feels with the other ETA’S is incredible.  He is honored to be a part of this amazing group and to pay tribute to one of the greatest entertainers to ever live.
Jeff Bodner

Jeff lives in Chilliwack, BC and is a retired RCMP officer with over 30 years service.
Jeff has been singing since he was five years old and competing as an Elvis tribute artist for 17 years. He has been a finalist top five in the Images of the King in Memphis, was Grand Amateur Champion 2003 in Callingwood, Ontario and Grand Champion 2007 in Penticton. After winning Penticton Jeff was one of the first 24 ETA's in the World to compete in the Elvis Presley Enterprises sanctioned competition The Ultimate in its inaugural year.
Sit back close your eyes and listen to the Essence Of Elvis.
We are very pleased to welcome Jeff to Blue Suede 2017!
Al LeBlanc

Al resides in North Delta, B.C. He has been an
Elvis Presley tribute artist for the past 10 years, performing throughout British Columbia, and also has competed several times in the Penticton Elvis Festival. He respectfully tries to convey the
look, sound and style of the “King of Rock N’ Roll” and enjoys sharing the passion of his music with all the fans.
We are very pleased to welcome Al to the Blue Suede Music Festival!

Tyler Cody
When I was 9 years old I went to go live with my grandparents and they only had 2 CDs, The Beatles greatest hits and Elvis greatest hits. Then after discovering Rock and Roll at 13 grandma bought me a guitar. I'd spend all my time after school playing guitar and listening to records, then finally when I was 16 I had my first real chance to sing "Trouble" with a full band and my whole school as the audience. A few months later I was at the 2014 Penticton Elvis Festival. Now I am 19 years old and only hope that one day I can use the great gifts that my grandparents have given me to support them so they can retire and hopefully visit Memphis. I am very excited to be able to be part of the Blue Suede Music Festival this year!
Aaron Wong

Aaron has been an avid Elvis fan since childhood–his parents still have video of him performing Elvis songs at 3 years old. Years have passed and not much has changed.  Aaron honed his ETA craft when he started training with Brian Simpson in his Elvis 101: Elvis Tribute Artist school as well as performing regularly in his Ultimate Elvis show in metro Vancouver and all around the Pacific Northwest.

Since then Aaron has performed in venues, festivals, and contests across the U.S. and Canada. His dynamic energy and genuine admiration for the King of Rock ’n Roll shine through during each and every performance. Aaron performs regularly on his own and with in ensemble shows such as ‘On the Air: A musical review’ hosted but legendary Vancouver D.J. Red Robinson.
Aaron has also been featured on multiple television interview shows, numerous newspaper and magazine publications and even a coffee table book. You can follow him at www.aaronwongeta.com and on instagram @aaronwongeta
Aaron is happy to be able to return to Blue Suede again!

Richard Wolfe
Richard comes to us from Hamilton, Ont and has been on the tribute artist scene for 10 years now. Richard has really captured the magic of Elvis’ early years, exciting audiences across North America.

No matter where he performs the energy Richard exhibits brings any audience to its feet and makes them twist and shout!

Richard is excited to be coming to Blue Suede for the 1st time this year!
Mark Schrade
David Aron
Rob Rushton
Danny Vernon
Mark your calenders - the 2018 Festival dates are August 24-26th, 2018!

Ron Peacey

Music has always been a big part of my life. I grew up listening to Elvis, received my first guitar when I was 10, played saxophone in high school and joined several local rock bands on Vancouver Island where I was born and raised. I went to my first ETA (Elvis Tribute Artist) competition in 2016 and now I’m hooked!
What an honor it is to be able to perform the songs of Elvis.
I’m looking forward to becoming better each year by paying tribute to such a great entertainer.
I'm excited to be a part of the Blue Suede Music Festival this year!
Christopher Riordan
appeared in 6 of Elvis’ films and also in a number of documentaries, including The Definitive Elvis: 25th Anniversary and The ’68 Comeback Special.  Christopher was Elvis’ favorite dancer and was the only male on the list of people “to be called” whenever Elvis came to town for a film.
Christopher left home right after high school graduation and went to Hollywood “to be in the movies”. Once in Hollywood, his life changed completely. First, at M-G-M, where he was immediately given a small role in, "Somebody Up There Likes Me," and then after meeting Montgomery Clift, another role in, "Raintree County."
From then on, Christopher was busy between film, TV, stage, and nightclub work. In 1962, Christopher was seen by Fred Astaire, and his choreographer, Hermes Pan, and was hired to dance with Barrie Chase. This union consisted of appearing in Las Vegas, on The Hollywood Palace, etc. Hermes Pan hired Christopher for several films ("My Fair Lady", "The Great Race", etc.) televisions shows (Carol Channing Special, The Hollywood Palace, etc.) ... and then, more serious acting parts started coming in. Eventually, Christopher even received 'Single Card Billing.' Not bad, for a kid who ran away from home to be in the movies.
And now, even in his 80’s Christopher is still doing films and television, the most recent is the currently running NBC series “Superstore”. Christopher also travels to numerous Elvis festivals and competitions around the US and Canada to talk about his time with Elvis.
We are very excited that Christopher is able to come to Blue Suede this year!
Dino Macris

Dino was raised in Renton, Washington and grew up watching and listening to Elvis. He remembers after a movie he would go out in the neighborhood and serenade the young ladies with a version of Stop,  Look and Listen Baby,  and he is still doing that to this present day ! He continues to sing  at various events in the  U.S and Canada and frequently goes to visit and perform with Edmontonian Rob Knight who lives now in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Dino has won a number of awards during his career competing at Elvis competitions including the Pro division at the Penticton Elvis Festival in 2006.

Dino performed at Blue Suede in 2016 and is very happy to be able to come back and perform once again for the wonderful Elvis fans and to support a great cause.
Adam Fitzpatrick

Adam Fitzpatrick has been paying tribute to Elvis Presley for ten years and has had great success in competitions all over the world. Adam has won competitions in US, Canada and Europe.
Some of Adams greatest achievements have been winning in his home town of Penticton  as the Pacific North West Elvis Festival Grand Champion, Europe's Tribute to Elvis Grand Champion in Blackpool England, People's choice and Grand Champion in Las Vegas. Among many successes the most memorable was placing second in the World Ultimate Elvis Competition in Memphis.
Adam now lives in Calgary Alberta with his beautiful wife Faryn and their three children.
Adam's looking forward to performing at the Blue Suede Music Festival this year.